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4 Shitler Part One

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We at Various Garbage want to be clear that this story line in no way endorses Nazis or Fascism. Quite the opposite in fact. Uncle Dogster was cruising around the Gary’s Mod RP server list and saw World War II Occupation, as noted above, and he became curious… These were real people who thought it was fun to play in a setting where Nazis beat up on resistance fighters and torment civilians. So he took it upon himself to turn the tables on the Nazis and that is story you see before you.


~Various Garbage Admin

About Us

About Us published on
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We are Various Garbage

We' re a webcomic about games and what happens when we play them. We love good stories, we love pretty art, but can't guarantee that we can deliver ether. We try though, we do try.

Our Story

We're poor and creative and we can't figure out which is worse. Alternately a long time ago a professor was working on the formula for three perfect little girls. He included sugar, spice, and everything nice, but he mistakenly added some shitpost and the result was these three imbeciles.

Meet the Various Garbage Team

If you need to contact us we're all available on twitter at:

  • @variousgarbage - Our main webcomic twitter account.
  • @uncle_dogster -  Uncle dogster, our writer.
  • @dystopicthinker - Serpie, our artist.
  • @blizzardlizard - The Lizard, the straight man to our comedy team.
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Uncle Dogster


Chief architect of all our stories and comics. Also a pretty swell guy

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Can draw stuff, otherwise totally uninteresting.

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Blizzard Lizard


Our straight man, a stand up stalwart guy. Not nearly as cold blooded as you might think. Excellent masseuse

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