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Blog 4: Remake Some More

Blog 4: Remake Some More published on No Comments on Blog 4: Remake Some More

I’m no where near the first and I won’t be the last to complain about the constant game remakes. But rather than whining endlessly about the tragedy of it all, I’d rather discuss what made some of the recent remakes good or bad. You know, constructive criticism.

So what has been remade lately?
Let’s first take a look at a bad remake. Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It’s a hot mess. But why? Obviously the star cards are a complete scam, but the gameplay was far beyond decent. So why didn’t it awaken those same nostalgic feelings I felt when I played the original Battlefront 2? The answer lies with the game itself (of course.) While Battefront 2 original was essentially a star wars skin for the Battlefield of old, the Battlefield franchise as a whole has changed since then. Gone are the days of cover and wacky antics, erased to make way for the modern run and gun experience. The new Battlefront 2 pulls, instead of from the series roots, from the newer Battlefield style. It was what the original used to be. A reskin.

Now let’s take a look at a good remake. Id Software’s Doom. I know I’m two years late, but cut me some slack Doom 2016 does not weigh itself down with modern conventions. It does not worry about the defenseless psyche of the player. It does what Doom has always done. Gratuitous, unnecessary levels of gore.

(please pay me bethesda)
-Uncle Dogster

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