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Blog3: Virtual Warriors

Blog3: Virtual Warriors published on No Comments on Blog3: Virtual Warriors

Oh boy. So we finally picked up one of those fancy Oculus Rift kits all the boys and girls have been talking about. While I don’t want to spend 18 years tooting it’s horn, it was genuinely concerning at times. I watched multiple co-workers attempt to put their hands on desks that weren’t there. One tried to put his feet up on the bomb defusal (Ala Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes) table, which sent him hurling into a nearby, very real table. Another, our manager, in a fit of desperation, threw one of our Touch controllers across the room, attempting to throw their gun at the rampaging robots coming for them. How easily the brain was tricked into believing the cartoon landscape was a real tangible place is scary to me. Falling into that pit was far too easy for my liking, so I spent most of my time watching others. Maybe if we get one of those space dog fighting simulators set up, maybe then I’ll take it for a real spin.

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