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Blog 2: DogsNDolts

Blog 2: DogsNDolts published on No Comments on Blog 2: DogsNDolts

I have recently, to fill the hole The Witcher 3 has left, joined a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I haven’t touched DnD in a few years, but I mistakenly thought that the 5th edition couldn’t be much different then the only other version I had played, the 4th edition. My next mistake was then telling the dungeon master I didn’t need a lot of help making my character, as I had DM’d a campaign before. I was using one of the most widely hated manual books to create a character for a completely different system, and I didn’t realize this until it was far too late.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a nerd. I just played tabletop games like Battletech and Babylon 5 Wars, and the few ventures I had into Dungeons and Dragons were in the 4th edition or heavily homebrewed. I like the format, what with the chance of the dice and the crazy stories, but I usually either was the dungeon master or had to deal with a sassy and anti-social party. So instead I drifted towards video games, hence Various Garbage being mostly about video games. I would love and do plan on expanding our themes, and a Dungeons and Dragons comic is certainly on the list for once our hiatus is lifted, but I don’t have nearly enough content from DnD or other table top games to really produce enough comics to warrant the effort. Maybe these new ventures with my ever so patient new DM will spice things up enough to take action.

On our usual theme, in our spare time the folks in our neck of the woods have been playing this wonderful little indie game on Steam called Of Guards and Thieves. OGaT is pretty close to the ideal competitive stealth game for free on the market right now. It’s still in beta, but what there is for free is enough for a good couple of friends to play for a few nights and get plenty of laughs. OGaT features two teams, the Guards, and the Thieves. The Guards have to protect five to six objects in their base, while the Thieves secretly conspire to steal the one item they need to win (or the Merchandise, as we like to call it). My personal style is to play Cobra, a Solid Snake styled character with a heavy focus on stealth, and distract and assassinate the guards while my team mates grab the merchandise. I highly recommend it for a Friday night with the friends.

-Uncle Dogster

P.S. Sorry for the delay! I’ll try to be staying to a weekly Saturday blog from now on. If I slack off, feel free to scream at me on Twitter. ( @Uncle_Dogster )

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