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13 A Powerful Ally Part Four

13 A Powerful Ally Part Four published on No Comments on 13 A Powerful Ally Part Four

This is the last of our Star Wars themed comics for a while. I promise we’ll be back to Star Wars eventually, but it may be a tad different. Personally, I’ve enjoyed digging into the dark side. Sometime in the future I’ll explore more in depth how the Jedi are really just a bunch of frat boys while the Sith are clearly the cool guys, maybe a bit moody, but definitely the ones you would want to hang out with. I have to admit I’ve been playing games other than Star Wars: The Old Republic or my recent guilty pleasure Elder Scrolls: Online (I’ve heard complaints that Elder Scrolls isn’t a real MMO, but that’s why I like it.) No, lately I’ve been playing the Craft and Slash RPG modpack for Minecraft, which has the content and arguably the depth of an MMORPG, without all the nonsense. It’s gotten to the point where I actually started a server just so my friends could help out. I’ll include a link down below if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to. Maybe you can defeat the overwhelming evil before we can. I know we’ve played for about 2 days and have gotten maybe 10 minutes worth of progress done.
You can find the Technic pack here.
-Uncle Dogster

12 A Powerful Ally Part Three

12 A Powerful Ally Part Three published on No Comments on 12 A Powerful Ally Part Three

Disclaimer: I do think lightsabers are cool. I promise. I just also think the the Force beats having a lightsaber every time. How often would a Jedi accidentally cut themselves open without the Force? All the time. It really mystified me that so many people in Star Wars: The Old Republic chose to completely forget about the Force and focus on their lightsaber. It’s so easy to stun and crush your enemy from a distance with the Force. Why would you want to get yourself in harm’s way, or worse, dirty? Do you have any idea how much it costs to run a full body cloak through a dry cleaner? I don’t and I don’t want to find out! The Jedi aren’t the Sith’s true enemy, it’s dust. This is one of many good reasons I put all my points into crushing people with the Force from afar. I also highly recommend any of the stun abilities. There’s nothing quite like watching a Jedi stare blankly ahead while you caress them tenderly with lightning.

You may have noticed we have ads now. For those of you using adblocker (i.e. all of you), I’d like you to imagine a starving dog on the side of the road, and all it takes to make it feel a little bit better is to look at it. You are choosing to wear sunglasses that prevent that dog from getting its happiness. Food for thought. And me, have I mentioned I’m not fed if I don’t bring in views? It’s not true, I’m just mentioning it. For fun.

-Uncle Dogster



11 A Powerful Ally Part Two

11 A Powerful Ally Part Two published on No Comments on 11 A Powerful Ally Part TwoPurchase

It really surprised me how acerbic the Jedi team was at times. I specifically remember the terms emo, goth, and freak being used against me. It felt like I was in some high school drama. Maybe I was just on the wrong server at the wrong time, but I learned to ignore the chat. Nothing good comes from public discussion, especially when it’s a Star Wars game.

Sorry folks, we really wanted to take the time to get some good rising action for the coming fight scene. I promise that the comic next week will probably contain some Sith vs Jedi action. Emphasis on the versus. I said it last week and I’m saying it again, the mask depicted is not available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. And same as before, I urge anyone mildly impressed by the art to let Serpie at @dystopicthinker know. Or, alternatively, tell him why you think it sucks. He’s a bit of a masochist when it comes to his art.

P.S. My manager warned me not to mention that our Jedi Knight’s name is an anagram. Take that information and do with it what you will.

P.P.S. If you think you’ve guessed the anagram correctly, tweet @uncle_dogster for a remarkably shitty prize.


Uncle Dogster

10 A Powerful Ally

10 A Powerful Ally published on No Comments on 10 A Powerful AllyPurchase

A month ago I figured I’d give Star Wars: The Old Republic a fair shake, 6 years late. I was pleasantly surprised by how much it felt like the original game from Bethesda. It still contains some of those MMO tropes that I dislike, but it became manageable after a bit of practice.

The other thing I wanted to mention was the superb work done on writing the Sith paragon path. I’ve never seen such an in depth look at the Sith. The writing in general is great.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t laugh when my smuggler got frustrated with hacking the terminal and just shot it up. But the fact you can play a Sith and save people from enslavement, protect the innocent, and keep your moral compass in check is really impressive. I never understood why George Lucas focused on the idea that Jedi, the religious and emotionally detached warriors of Light, would be helpful and caring, while the emotional and open-minded wielders of the Dark side are portrayed as callous, psychotic, and ruthless. Perhaps it’s that I’m blinded by the Dark side, but shouldn’t the Jedi be the ones ruling the impartial and hard handed empire and the Sith fighting for freedom and liberty from their restrictive order? I fully intend to explore the extent of this possibility, and I hope you guys enjoy the ride.

The mask worn by our Sith is not available in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was completely thought up by Serpie, with a few changes from yours truly. If you like it, send him some tweets, he deserves them.

-Uncle Dogster

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