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34 Rise of the Amiibo Antichrist

34 Rise of the Amiibo Antichrist published on No Comments on 34 Rise of the Amiibo Antichrist

Lizard and I are avid players of Super Smash Brothers 4. I wouldn’t say we’re good, we’re far from competitive play, but we’re not terrible. Despite the fact I main DeDeDe, I swear I don’t suck. Serpie has always expressed an interest in Smash Bros, but isn’t the sort of person willing to spend the time to train up. So we introduced him to the Amiibo training system with the company Mario Amiibo. I admit, I helped him train the little beast. To this day I don’t know what he did to that Amiibo but that Thing is beyond help. Alpha, as It’s new name implies, has dominated the Various Garbage Smash scene without fail. The only time It has been defeated is when we play some cheap trick on it. They never work twice.
-Uncle Dogster

P.S. Whenever we find ourselves at a con booth expect to see Alpha. We’ll bring him. If you can beat It, you’ll get a free shirt. Ain’t that neat? Good luck, you’re gonna need it.

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