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13 A Powerful Ally Part Four

13 A Powerful Ally Part Four published on No Comments on 13 A Powerful Ally Part Four

This is the last of our Star Wars themed comics for a while. I promise we’ll be back to Star Wars eventually, but it may be a tad different. Personally, I’ve enjoyed digging into the dark side. Sometime in the future I’ll explore more in depth how the Jedi are really just a bunch of frat boys while the Sith are clearly the cool guys, maybe a bit moody, but definitely the ones you would want to hang out with. I have to admit I’ve been playing games other than Star Wars: The Old Republic or my recent guilty pleasure Elder Scrolls: Online (I’ve heard complaints that Elder Scrolls isn’t a real MMO, but that’s why I like it.) No, lately I’ve been playing the Craft and Slash RPG modpack for Minecraft, which has the content and arguably the depth of an MMORPG, without all the nonsense. It’s gotten to the point where I actually started a server just so my friends could help out. I’ll include a link down below if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to. Maybe you can defeat the overwhelming evil before we can. I know we’ve played for about 2 days and have gotten maybe 10 minutes worth of progress done.
You can find the Technic pack here.
-Uncle Dogster

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