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12 A Powerful Ally Part Three

12 A Powerful Ally Part Three published on No Comments on 12 A Powerful Ally Part Three

Disclaimer: I do think lightsabers are cool. I promise. I just also think the the Force beats having a lightsaber every time. How often would a Jedi accidentally cut themselves open without the Force? All the time. It really mystified me that so many people in Star Wars: The Old Republic chose to completely forget about the Force and focus on their lightsaber. It’s so easy to stun and crush your enemy from a distance with the Force. Why would you want to get yourself in harm’s way, or worse, dirty? Do you have any idea how much it costs to run a full body cloak through a dry cleaner? I don’t and I don’t want to find out! The Jedi aren’t the Sith’s true enemy, it’s dust. This is one of many good reasons I put all my points into crushing people with the Force from afar. I also highly recommend any of the stun abilities. There’s nothing quite like watching a Jedi stare blankly ahead while you caress them tenderly with lightning.

You may have noticed we have ads now. For those of you using adblocker (i.e. all of you), I’d like you to imagine a starving dog on the side of the road, and all it takes to make it feel a little bit better is to look at it. You are choosing to wear sunglasses that prevent that dog from getting its happiness. Food for thought. And me, have I mentioned I’m not fed if I don’t bring in views? It’s not true, I’m just mentioning it. For fun.

-Uncle Dogster



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