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18 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Four

18 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Four published on No Comments on 18 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Four

It’s completely ridiculous to think that squirrels could be oranges. Oranges, a fruit designed to spread the seeds inside their delicious cores far and wide, and squirrels, small fuzzy critters that store nuts for the winter, can’t be the same thing. Some ask me, what if it was an orange shaped like a squirrel? That’s just a mutated orange. What if it was a squirrel that was orange? That’s just a squirrel that fell into some orange paint. Let’s imagine a situation where a living breathing squirrel is made up of oranges, isn’t that even more confusing? Does it have a cardiovascular system and muscle tissue, or does it photosynthesize and survive off the nutrients given to it by the tree? I don’t know.
-Uncle Dogster

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