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15 The Return of Mr. Horse Part One

15 The Return of Mr. Horse Part One published on No Comments on 15 The Return of Mr. Horse Part One

So, we have a new Mr Horse comic on the way. And this time it’s set in Starbound’s universe. I’ll let you in on a little secret, dear reader. Come closer, a bit closer, there we are. I hate Starbound. I hate it with such a burning passion that it dwarfs the game’s actual suns. Some of this hate may stem from an old competition between BlizzardLizard and myself. Two games were announced around the same time, the Lizard thought Starbound would succeed, I thought Star Citizen would succeed. Many laughed in my face then, and they still do now, and I suppose they’re not wrong. I don’t hate the other Chucklefish games, I love Risk of Rain, but Starbound is just the perfect mixture of sub-par procedural generation and shoddy story to really cheese me off. Or maybe I’m not the target audience. I don’t know, and I don’t care to know, I’d rather be playing Terraria, and that’s all that really matters to me. At least, that’s what I told my friends and colleagues whenever they asked me to play, but their puppy eyes and sad, sad pleas always convinced me to play with them. I’ve spent more than 200 hours playing a game I don’t enjoy for that reason only. At least I got the character Mr Horse from all that time, as well as this story arc. These are, of course, all my opinions. Not everyone likes every game, and you, my lovely reader, may like Starbound.
-Uncle Dogster

P.S. If the three or so of you who read this are on the go and feel like you need to sprinkle in some Star Wars, you should check out Starguments, they make a fun Star Wars podcast that everyone here enjoys. Let them know that If they’re looking for a guest star evil Sith at any point in the future they should know I’ve yelled “just crush it with the Force!” while listening to them 12 times or so.

Actually, I’m pretty sure Risk of Rain wasn’t made by Chucklefish, just published by them.








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