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17 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Three

17 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Three published on No Comments on 17 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Three

Something something something Planetside 2. I’ve had Planetside 2 for a while, and I’ve gone through several accounts. My mistake was that I stopped playing for a solid 3-4 years, and now I have no idea what’s what and what isn’t. I’m spending more time relearning the game than I am helping to teach my friends about how to play and what to do. But they put up with me and still follow me so I appreciate them for that. Just last night, we were stuck in a biolab while the New Conglomerate, the blue team or more commonly known as the smurfs, suppressed us and prevented our advance but we were making the big bucks doing it (sitting behind the front line and supplying munitions and medical treatment is an easy way to get points). Even though we were making a mint, our team, the Terran Republic (red), was losing the battle. The smurfs had far more troops then we did and our foothold was faltering. So I had to ask my good friends to come with me to try and pull the smurfs away from this battle so we could divide and conquer, which wouldn’t make as much money or be as easy. Even though it was a half-baked plan, everyone jumped into the APC with me and took off. We died a lot, and we ended up yelling more than laughing, but because we distracted the smurfs, our team took the biolab. Walking through there after the battle knowing we were a key component to the victory was satisfying even though it immediately after came under attack and soon we were right back where we started. As Cookie put it, “Out of the frying pan and into another, equally hot frying pan.” Despite all that my friends stuck with me. We’d accomplished something together, even if it was a fake something in a fake place, it felt real because I was with them. I couldn’t ask for a better group of fellas to play with.

-Uncle Dogster
P.S. The victory at the biolab was attributed to the Angels of Death regiment, as they got the most kills. We were all mildly salted, but you have to pick your battles.

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