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16 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Two

16 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Two published on No Comments on 16 The Return of Mr. Horse Part Two

I get a powerful sickening feeling when I think back to my early stories. Stories with heavy handed narratives and characters that are so embarrassingly shallow it causes me physical pain. This is how I write this comic. A lot of what happens in this comic, be it Mr Horse breaking into an outpost with friends in tow or Uncle Dogster and friends facing off against fascist regimes, are based off of actual adventures my friends and I have had over the years. A good part of my job here is digging through my old notes and stories to look for good ideas for the comic, which leads to a lot, and I mean A LOT of agonizing stuff. You can see a little bit of this cringe shine through with some of the old character names. At one time, Omega Darklight really did sound cool. Now it sounds like we’re being tongue in cheek, and we are, but Omega was not a joke x amount of years ago.  No offense to Cookie, Omega’s creator/our elf from ESO/one of my best friends, but just thinking about what’s under Omega’s mask and cloak gives me a strong urge to vomit. I made the mistake of telling Serpie the truth, and he spent a solid minute covering his face and crying. I was worried he was going to die.
-Uncle Dogster
P.S. Funny note, the aliens in the outpost were supposed to be the Apex from Starbound, but I forgot to include that detail in my script so Serpie went ahead and put in his Eldritch Assembly from our many games of Paradox’s Stellaris, a favorite among our team. So I guess they inhabit the same universe now. If he’s including his races, I can’t let him get away without everyone getting a cameo at least, or perhaps I should just write a Stellaris comic? Don’t worry, I don’t expect an answer, I know no one reads this.

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