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22 The Ultimate Evil

22 The Ultimate Evil published on No Comments on 22 The Ultimate Evil

Big week for everyone here at VG. The Steam sale kept us busy. I’ve been picking up gems like Starpoint Gemini: Warlords and Halcyon 6 while Lizard snapped up Hyper Light Drifter. Even though Steam is pulling the money right out of our wallets, we still can’t stop ourselves from being excited about the new Mii game, Miitopia. I played the demo all of 30 minutes before writing this and boy oh boy is it something. I personally adored Tomodachi Life for it’s absurdity, and Miitopia delivers a nice second helping with an early Final Fantasy flair. The fact all main characters are your Miis can create some bizarre moments, even more so if your 3DS is heavily populated with the world’s most infamous dictators, like mine is.
-Uncle Dogster

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